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brandywineWell, it has been awhile since I last posted, but I have been working like a dog.  Waking up at 6 and working until 6 or 7 is not that different from a regular kitchen workday in terms of hours but the labor is really different. You get dirtier. You smell. Not like garlic, or a fryer, but like chicken poop. Or tomatoes. Speaking of tomatoes, late blight has been a huge issue.  Almost every other farmer who Ive met since being up here has lost them.  We spray our tomatoes with copper (yes its an organic practice) which keeps the spores off/away.  So until that time, Im enjoying my brandywines, of which I just got a 29.6oz tomato, green zebras, purple cherokees, san marzanos, and wapsipinicon peach tomatoes.  Gazpacho has been a mainstay when its hot, and jose andres has a bitchin recipe/ratio (too bad it wasnt served at “the Bazaar”)….

29oz brandywine

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