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I was lucky enough to be invited to a Slow Foods meeting the other day at Sheldon Farms, in Salem, NY. It was a wonderful group of people. Made up of food lovers, farmers and friends. One of them, a fellow farmer, runs the Top of the World Farm and restaurant. She mentioned how she managed to get away, while her husband manned the kitchen. She said that one of their new desserts,uses  a new and unique chocolate. Taza chocolate is located in Boston, and their small (and I mean small) operation is exactly what this country needs.   Right down to the batch number on each bar, the process is watched over and perfected. Its stoned milled by hand, which means each bite is different.  The 70% has a mouthfeel that is incredible, and a taste to match. The 80% is for hardcore chocolate lovers… i mean chocolate, chocolate.  It aint nestle, folks.  Not to mention that its organic to boot! Finally a chocolate bar that America can be proud of. Just think of the possibilities…

Taza goodness

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