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Working has taken up much of my free time, and motivation to keep this blog going, unfortunately.  That was the last year and a half at least…..

Ive left a position at my old place, Gilt, and am currently helping a good friend open up a small restaurant in Brooklyn… called Rucola.

What will I be doing?






Among other things, Ill be making the bread for the restaurant.  This small obsession a few years back has now turned into a really bad habit.  My freezer can barely close, there’s so much bread in it. I need an outlet for this, so I shall bake at Rucola.

Recipe testing is in full swing over here…. some things Ive been working on:






















Ill post some more later, as things get moving….


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I’ve been dabbling in charcuterie and such for awhile now.  Some things turn out, like the chorizo i wrote about, while others have suffered through one manner or another. I made a batch of calabrese soppressata which suffered its demise through overheating.  My last batch of salumi, however, succeeded.  Pancetta and guanciale.  From 2 pigs heads I got for free from Adams Fairacre Farms.  “We were just gonna throw em away” the meat clerk said… ugh. Why dont people get that chops/loin aren’t anywhere NEAR as tasty as cheek or head meat?? The pancetta was not rolled; I was feeling saucy.

melange of goodness




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