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Working has taken up much of my free time, and motivation to keep this blog going, unfortunately.  That was the last year and a half at least…..

Ive left a position at my old place, Gilt, and am currently helping a good friend open up a small restaurant in Brooklyn… called Rucola.

What will I be doing?






Among other things, Ill be making the bread for the restaurant.  This small obsession a few years back has now turned into a really bad habit.  My freezer can barely close, there’s so much bread in it. I need an outlet for this, so I shall bake at Rucola.

Recipe testing is in full swing over here…. some things Ive been working on:






















Ill post some more later, as things get moving….


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Importance of bread

Bread is a very important thing. Many turns-of-phrase have been created around this food, which obviously translates into importance. I mean, when the name of a foodstuff is used instead of the word “money”,  you know its important. Okay, enough bs.

So I’ve been playing around with baking my own bread for over a year now, and have had varying levels of success. I have been more successful recently though, mostly due to an amazing book. Peter Reinhart knows his stuff, and after reading this book cover to cover many times, I know much more about proper bread baking. Just look at my most recent loaf of sourdough:

I know. It was ridiculously good. Get the book and start making good bread.

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